Gustavo Naveira Giselle Anne in Munich

13-15 September 2024:

Seminario Deep Basics, Workshops, Show, Milongas.

Das Seminario ist ausgebucht. Anmeldungen gehen auf die Warteliste. Für die Workshops und Milongas gibt es noch Plätze.

Confirmed DJs: Chris Grohs (München), Yatma Diallo (Senegal/Mailand)

Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne in Munich
Program and Prices

Friday 13 September: Venue  Bürgersaal Fürstenried, Züricher Str. 35, 81476 München

15:30–17:00 & 17:30–19:00 Seminario Deep Basics

19:30–21:00 Workshop 1 Volcadas

21:30–01:30 Milonga

Saturday 14 September – Venue: Bürgersaal Fürstenried, Züricher Str. 35, 81476 München

13:30–15:00 & 15:30–17:00 Seminario Deep Basics

17:30–19:00 Workshop 2 Turbos with close embrace

21:00–ca. 03:00 Milonga with show by Gustavo y Giselle

Sunday 15 September – Venue: Milonga SUR, Theatersaal FTM Süd, Engelhardstraße 26-28, 81369 München

13:30–15:00 & 15:30–17:00 Seminario Deep Basics

17:30–19:00 Workshop 3 Leaders’ and followers’ ganchos

19:30–23:30 Milonga

Confirmed DJs: Chris Grohs (Munich), Yatma Diallo (Milano)

Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne are one of the very best tango teaching couples worldwide. Their profound analysis and deconstruction of tango reaching back many years has influenced numerous tango teachers and performers around the globe. Gustavo and Giselle continue to explore and renew tango and share their knowledge with us. Their dance is original, innovative, deeply connected with each other and the music. In their lessons they present challenging material with precise and friendly feedback. It’s hard to find anyone who knows more about tango and lives it more than this maestro couple. They represent an important part of tango history. From 13-15 September they are back in Munich after 12 years!

„Deep Basics” Seminario Description by Gustavo & Giselle

The material in this special program contains a revision of the most important Argentine tango choreographic ideas. Presented through combined sequences, we consider them to be the fundamental basics to develop each particular subject.

These combinations present specific coordination problems and the solutions will notably help the improvement of general dance control.

We are going to detect and isolate the basic problems of each figure and understand the methodic analysis of the embrace, posture, structure, balance, rhythm, coordination, adjustment, navigation, leading & following technique, etc.

Any simple movement becomes extremely complex when it is deeply studied through all its components. We are going to dive into the details, to identify those components and train their coordination to achieve the mastery of the movement.

This seminar is thought for advanced dancers that are willing to study the “basics“ because they are missing a lot of important concepts. Only by controlling the “basics” can we understand the tango in all difficult sequences.

The more you improve your dancing skills, the more enjoyable it becomes for you.

All classes are taught in English.

Registration for all workshops and the seminario in couples only, the seminario can only be booked as a whole.

Prices per person:

One Workshop: €50, 2 workshops €100, all 3 workshops €140

All 3 workshops plus Milonga & Show on Saturday, 14 September €160

Seminario (9h) including Milonga & Show on Saturday, 14 September €350

Milonga 14 September: from €25 – unless part of a package

Milongas 13 and 15 September each €13 (to be purchased at the door)

To secure your places in the seminario and/or workshops please fill in the form below – one form per couple. A non-refundable deposit of €100 per couple is payable within 3 days of registration to the bank account indicated. The remainder (if any) is payable on the first day of your seminario or workshop in cash. Please arrive in good time to allow for administrative procedures to be completed. An administrative fee of €20 will be charged for a name change.

If you are only planning to attend the milonga with show on Saturday, 14 September – there will be possibilities to purchase the ticket online soon.

LINK TO GOOGLE FORM: Please copy and paste the link into your browser.

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Clicking on the link doesn’t seem to work but copy and paste into your browser does. If all else fails, please email the following information to Which workshops, seminario, milonga you would like to register for, full names and mobile phone numbers of both dance partners, and one postal address. Thank you!

Organizer: Susanne Mühlhaus, Tango SUR München (SuTango)

Would you like to find out more about Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne? You can read about their trayectory and philosophy in Susanne’s book on famous tango teachers – only available in German currently. Order it directly from Susanne or buy it in one of Susanne’s milongas or or via the Tangodanza book shop. Also available on Amazon.Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne und andere Maestros

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