Hotels near Milonga Sur and Tango Weekends

Hotels near Milonga Sur

Hotels in der Nähe – das nächste zuerst / Hotels close to Milonga Sur – in order of proximity

Milonga SUR and the Tango weekends at Sur take place at Freie Turnerschaft München Süd, Engelhardstr. 26, 81369 München. Please review carefully any comments by hotel guests to find the hotel that is best suited to your needs. Please be aware that prices can differ depending on when you book or depending on the booking platform or directly.

Ambassador Parkhotel***

Plinganserstraße 102, 81369 München
2 min. walk, prices start at €50

Leonardo Hotel München City West****

Brudermühlstraße 33, 81371 München

10 min walk, prices start at €69

Tel.: +49 89 72 4940

Hotel Amenity***

Passauerstr. 28, 81369 München

10 min. walk, prices start around €65

Tel.: +49 89 743 4700

Hotel CREO Munich City**

Kürnbergstraße 29, 81369 München

10 min. walk, prices start at ca. €40

Tel.: +49 89 209 40248

Hotel Ambiance Rivoli****

Albert-Roßhaupter-Straße 22, 81369 München

12 min. walk, prices around €83

+49 89 743 51 5992

The hotel has a Turkish bath (hamman) which you may have to pre-book.

Hotel Angelo by Vienna House Munich Westpark****

Albert-Roßhaupter-Straße 45, 81369 München

14 min. walk, prices around €95

Tel.: +49 89 411 1130

Hotel Carmen****

Hansastr. 146, 81373 München

15 min. walk, prices start at ca. €74

Tel.: 49 89 743 1410


Please note: Unfortunately, the Ambassador Park Hotel, which is only 5 min. from the venue, is closed over New Year!

Other accommodation options

Apart from staying at one of the hotels near milonga Sur there are other options. There are numerous hotels all across Munich. You may also want to check availability of private accommodation via airbnb and other providers.


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