DJ & Teacher Melina Sedó

Melina has been DJing (and greatly enjoying it) since 2004 at local tango events, as well as at international Festivals, Encuentros and Festivalitos all over Europe and the USA. Her goal is to create a harmonious flow of music for social dancers by finding the right balance between rhythmical and lyrical music from the late 20’s to the late 40’s. By adding one or two more dramatic tandas from the 50’s, Melina assures, that everyone will enjoy the energy of the Milonga. The happy faces of the dancers attest to that.

Melina started dancing tango in 1995, teaching in 2001 and travelling internationally in 2006. Together with her partner Detlef Engel, she has developed a very personal approach to tango that focusses on the wellbeing in a close embrace, on improvisation and on musicality. She has have built a reputation for outstanding pedagogical skills as well as for her special dedication to promote social tango beyond clichés or acrobatics. More about Melina on