Tuesday, May 15. 2012

Trío Central – No False Alert!

Trío Central – Falsa Alarma

First of all: „Falsa Alarma“ („False Alert“) by Trio Central is simply brillliant and one can only wish for such a false alarm! My favourite pieces are „El Pollo Ricardo“ and „Boedo“ – the wonderfully playful piano is just ingenious here as well as the replying bandoneon. Or perhaps all of the songs are my favourite pieces?
The piano is cheekily providing the tune for the bandoneon in „Organito de la Tarde“. The interplay of these two instruments is breathing fresh, new life to the the Di Sarli classic „Bahía Blanca“ which we have been listening to almost too many times. But, hey we would love to listen to it again now in this fresh interpretation by Trío Central. Very convincing is the title piece „Falsa Alarma“, composed by the pianist Pablo Woizinski. The bandoneon playerChristian Gerber is also a member of the successful Quinteto Angel. What instrument does the third musician of Trío Cntral play again? Oh, well, contrabass. Well, since Patrick Süsskind’s eponymous novel the destiny of double bass players has been well-known. One only perceives them marginally, but honestly, Rodolfo Paccapelo’s contrabass would seriously go amiss as a structural frame and as a strong background sound. Eventually, in „Tango Apasionado – Finale“ the contrabass player has his moments of fame. A feast to your ears, and my legs can’t keep quiet either on listening to „la Retirada“, written by Juan Carlos Cáceres. This CD contains even two versions of this piece. The piano can almost cope with this piece on its own when I perceive the contrabass in the background and only after a good third of the piece is over, the bandoneon comes in and give „Retirada“ a whole noe drive.
And really, we can’t say that we are missing a single further instrument here with this Trio. Trío Central provides fully-fledged Tango delicatessen and the pieces are almost all superbly danceable. A great debut CD by this formation of three young musicians from Buenos Aires and Berlin, that doesn’t leave any wishes unfulfilled. Oh, there would be one though! I would really love them to come to Munich and perform live at my milonga, one of these days. Well, until then I can happily while away the time by listening to their CD…

Susanne Mühlhaus